Monday, September 15, 2008

Minneapolis Vacation--Sunday's Activities

It's been a while! Ty and I just got back from a vacation to Minneapolis. We drove to Havre, MT to catch the train (Amtrak) to Minneapolis. The way there was really nice. We left Havre at 3:30 pm and arrive in Minneapolis the next day at 8:00 am. I was surprised at how comfortable the travel was. The train had a dining car where you could sit down to eat dinner and a snack car if you just wanted a little something. I saw several deer as we passed through Montana and North Dakota-- plus, I finished reading two books.

Once we arrived in Minneapolis on Sunday Morning, Sam (my uncle) took us to the Rennaissance Festival. It was really cool. People dressed in costumes and there were several fun shows to attend-- fire breathers, comedians, and magic shows. Here are a few pics from the fair...

That was it for Monday. We were tired after that long train ride and took a long nap. Here is Tyson with Abbie-- Sam and Shanna's Pit Bull puppy. She's a year old and LOVES to play!

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