Monday, September 15, 2008

Minneapolis Vacation-- Monday and Tuesday

On Monday morning, we went to the Midtown Global Market. The global market is a collection of shops, delis and restaurants from around the world. My favorites were the Italian deli (fresh cheese, salami, and other meats), the Farm Stand (local cheeses and meats), and the soap shop. I got some rosemary mint soap that tingles nicely.

After the Market, we went to see Shanna at the University. She's a professor there. Here she is in the University of Minnesota mascot hat. Isn't she cute??

We ate lunch at a wonderful Italian deli and ventured off to the Zoo/Conservatory. Sam had never been to the Zoo-- he goes to the conservatory to beat the winter blues and the zoo is closed at that time. Admission to the Zoo/Conservatory is just $1! We saw a baby orangutan. sleeping monkeys with their tails wrapped together, a snow leopard, tigers, lions and giraffes.

Next, we went into the Conservatory. It took my breath away! The plants were beautiful.

Tuesday, I tortured my poor husband by taking him to the Mall of America. We spent about 5 hours just walking on every floor. I didn't go into too many stores. It was a great way to get our exercise for the day!

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Aprilday said...

Aunt Shana looks so cute with the hat! I missed the time spent with you, her and uncle Sam together last summer!